Why you need more than a DJ

You need a very experienced MC to announce the Bridal Party entrance and other important key parts of your special night! The Advanced DJ lighting system will be sure to get all your guests on their feet! If your offering song requests - your covered! The special request software will give access to every song available to ensure your guests happiness. Not ready for a typical huge deposit fee? Kinzel is your friend, we will work on Contract and payment can be made any time during the night.


From the days of the turntable DJ Kinzel has been honing his skill and is well over the 10 000 hours required to be your specialist on the most memorable night of your life! Any song of your dreams is available via specialized software. Vinyl Records from a vast collection available on special request!



Working with you, the wedding planner and event staff to make all the special functions of the night run flawless and perfectly timed. Ambient music during dinner of guess what? Your favorite songs! Playing the songs you love. Not playing the songs you hate. Nothing chees·y and non-wedding appropriate will ever be played.


music. people. connected.

The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada is a copyright collective for musical works, protecting the performing rights of their members ... portions of the service charge will go to pay the original artists for the performance of said musical compositions.